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Our Story

Alta Gracia started with the idea - what if you paid workers a Living Wage?

With the help of the non profit Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) and a Dominican Labour Union that fights for garment workers, we are able to ensure all of our employees are protected from abuse and discrimination and paid a living wage.

through strategic partnerships with industry leaders


Our products are currently sold across the United States in over 500 college and university bookstores - and counting. We expanded into professional sports licenses in 2018 and are growing our business through our partnerships with companies such as Fanatics, Barnes & Noble, and Follet.

Now we're building our brand to spread our vision and sell directly to passionate consumers like you.

The Alta Gracia difference

The economic impact on the Alta Gracia community has been extremely powerful.


Providing hope and a pathway out of poverty, Alta Gracia is the only apparel company that pays a defined living wage to all our workers.

Thanks to your outstanding support - we have been able to provide these additional benefits.

What our customers are saying

Alta Gracia has been a wonderful partner to The Shirt Project over the past four years, and we are excited to work with them again in 2016. The quality of The Shirts we've created with Alta is a huge part of that success.

Molly Howell - President of The Shirt Committee

Notre Dame

By recognizing and supporting the Alta Gracia Factory, we have been able to require substantially higher workplace standards - inlcluding guaranteeing all workers a living wage, full respect of labor rights, and exceptional health and safety standards.

John J. DeGioia, President