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New York Times

Factory Defies Sweatshop Label, but Can It Thrive?

- Steven Greenhouse

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The Guardian

'Dignity and respect': Dominican factory vows to never be a sweatshop

- Milli Legrain

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The Atlantic

The Tiny Dominican Factory That Disproves the Need for Sweatshops

- Gillian B. White

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Can You Make Clothes Without Sweatshop Labor? This Dominican Factory Is Trying

- Kim Bhasin

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The Augusta Chronicle

CEO of Garment Factory Tries Different Approach

- Damon Cline

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Borgen Magazine

Are Sweatshops Necessary?

- The Borgen Project

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Fashion United

Investment firm AG Triada acquires Dominican ‘Living Wage’ certified retailer Alta Gracia

- Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez

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International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)

Inspired by Visit to Alta Gracia

- Tiffany Finck-Hanes

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Fair World Project

Alta Gracia: Showing the World What is Possible

- Peter Dreier

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The Tyee

How One Tiny Factory Is Challenging the Sweatshop Norm

- Sarah Seltzer

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Stanford Business

Knights Apparel and the Alta Gracia Factory: Paying a Living Wage

- Debra Schifrin, Paul Brest

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Apparel Company Succeeding on Anti-sweatshop Model

- Ned Resnikoff

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