Our Vision

As the only certified Living Wage apparel company in the developing world, Alta Gracia ensures the people making your clothes can provide their families with all of life's necessities.


A World Without Sweatshops

Socially Responsible Apparel

Apparel responsibly made in the Dominican Republic. At Alta Gracia, we make clothes the right way.

That starts with paying people a wage that supports a quality standard of living. We pay our workers 2.5x the industry standard and 3.5x the Dominican minimum wage. This supports education for children, housing developments, and reliable transportation. Additionally, we provide healthcare, protection from discrimination and abuse, and the freedom to unionize.

Alta Gracia pays wages that are 340% higher than required by law. This wage is established by the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) and is called a "Living Wage".

Life Changing Apparel

Here at Alta Gracia, we're not about the status quo. To us, it's the people who make us who we are, so it's our job to invest in them. We made our employees an ironclad promise. We would protect them from abuse and discrimination. We'd respect their right to assemble. And when it came to paying them - we wouldn't settle for just minimum wage.

Proceeds from your purchase provide hope and a pathway out of poverty for the people and their families who make this clothing. We guarantee each employee receives wages and benefits to cover the cost of meeting a families needs for all of life's necessities.

The employees of Alta Gracia may be making garments to fill the clothing racks in campus bookstores across the United States, but what they are really creating is a life for themselves and their families.

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